President of Emirates Policy Center (EPC) Dr. Ebtesam al-Ketbi attended the Middle East Regional Development Forum (MERDF), which was held at Peking University between 24-25 Jan. 2017. The Forum touched upon issues of development in the Middle East, security risks in the region, and challenges they pose to global stability.

Dr. al-Ketbi presented a paper in the Forum entitled “Cooperative Mechanisms and Development in the Middle East” that covered the United Arab Emirates (UAE) vision about taking the Middle East out of wars, turmoil, and chaos, then move into a new stage based on the principle of regional partnership that aims to cement collective security, common interests, development and cooperation.

Dr. al-Ketbi reiterated that China can play a vital role to shape a new security environment in the Middle East that combines security, development and cooperation. She also pointed out to the cooperation horizons between China and the UAE to achieve their common objectives and interests, as well as, collective interests of the region.

MERDF, which was organized by the Department of Arabic Language and Culture at Peking University, is one of the key platforms in China to discuss Middle Eastern issues. Chinese and foreign academics and diplomats from the Middle East and influential countries in the region take part in the Forum. 

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