Emirates Policy Center (EPC) published a book titled “The next day in Yemen: exploring key post-war issues and challenges”, analyzing the complex and interrelated post-war issues and challenges in Yemen, and presenting recommendations and practical suggestions to face these issues and to restore security and stability in Yemen.

EPC president, Dr. Ebtesam Al-Ketbi, highlighted in the foreword of the book, that EPC prepared this publication in view of the importance it attaches to the Yemeni conflict and the need to prepare for its inevitable aftermath.

The book explores five pillars, and provides key recommendations for each of them to Yemeni parties, regional parties, and the international community. The pillars are: challenges to comprehensive post-war reconstruction, rebuilding the state – the challenges of restoring national agreement, the army and the security forces – disbandment and post-war reconstruction, Yemeni foreign policy – obstacles to peace-building and diplomacy, and the challenges of transitional justice and the preservation of social cohesion in an environment of renewed conflict.

EPC used an interactive research approach that combined two main analytical approaches. The first analyzed the “realities of war” and the complications they spell for post-war issues explored. And the second retested the “strength of consensus” reached by warring parties before the breakout of war on these issues in light of current realities. It also examined the Yemeni dialogue experience with a view to identifying common ground suitable for developing constructive, comprehensive solutions for post-war Yemen.

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