A number of Arab and foreign diplomats and researchers specialized in the Middle Eastern affairs visited Emirates Policy Center in Abu Dhabi in late January and early February 2017 .The purpose of the visit was to discuss regional issues and crises and benefit from EPC’s vision on these issues given the center’s status as one of the most important think tanks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the region.

On Jan. 29, President of EPC Dr. Ebtesam al-Ketbi met with Ambassador Antonia Calvo Puerta, Delegation of the EU to Yemen. The meeting touched on the developments of the Yemeni crisis, its future possibilities, and the role the EU can play to reach a sustainable settlement, and alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the country.

The Yemeni issue was also the main topic of discussion when Dr. al-Ketbi received on Jan. 30 the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Yemen to the Arab League of States Reyad al-Akabari.

On Jan. 31, Jean-Bernard Bolvin, Head of the Political, Press and Information Section at the EU Delegation to the UAE visited EPC and discussed with Dr. al-Ketbi challenges facing the EU in the wake of Brexit and the scope of EU-UAE relations.

On the same day, Abdelqader Rizgow, Ethiopian Ambassador to the UAE, met with EPC President and briefed her on Addis Ababa’s vision of its ties with the Abu Dhabi, as well as, common objectives and interests.

On Feb. 2, a New Zealander delegation that included New Zealand’s Ambassadors to the UAE and Iran Jeremy Watson and Eamonn O’Shaughnessy respectively, as well as other New Zealander diplomats, visited EPC. Discussion between Dr. al-Ketbi and the delegation focused on Gulf security and threats to the region. Furthermore, the New Zealander delegation was keen to learn about EPC’s approach towards Iran due to the Center’s reputation as a leading Arab think tank specialized in Iran’s affairs.

In the same period, a number of foreign researchers, who are keen to deepen their understanding of regional affairs, visited EPC, including Dr. Eric Trager, Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Oubai Shahbander, Director of PSY Group, which is concerned with strategic analyses.

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