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The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Upcoming U.S Presidential Elections

The COVID-19 pandemic constitutes an unprecedented challenge for the US presidential elections. It coincides with the middle of the first of three scheduled steps to hold them, namely the choice by each party of a candidate through the primary elections or caucuses. This has led some states to delay their primary elections till the summer, in the hope that circumstances will get better for voters to go to the polls.

Amr Abdelatty | 18 May 2020
Significance of the US-Chinese Controversy about Coronavirus and its Potential Consequences

US President Donald Trump’s account of the origins of the coronavirus has changed the path of China’s account of the circumstances of the emergence of the virus. Amidst the versions of both Washington and Beijing of a supposedly non-disputable scientific incident, controversy, political at times and scientific at others, has raged over whether the virus has developed naturally or was man-made inside a laboratory in China.

Mohamad Kawas | 22 Apr 2020

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Dispute between US President and Congress regarding War Powers: Background and Horizons

President Donald Trump’s order to assassinate Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, on January 3, 2020 has reignited debate between Congress and the President as to who should have the final say in the use of US military power abroad. The debate escalated when the Democrats won a majority in the House of Representatives in the congressional mid-term elections on November 6, 2018, following which they have taken various steps, with the support of several Republican lawmakers, to restore the constitutional power of the legislature to declare war and to control the movement of US troops abroad.

Amr Abdel-Aty| 04 Feb 2020
US Sanctions on Iran: Limits and Prospects

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin announced a new package of sanctions against Iran. The new wave of sanctions affected the steel products sector, and the largest companies in this field, along with some security and military leaders. The announcement of the new packages of sanctions coincides with a new wave of political debate in Washington about the feasibility of the sanctions on Iran, and whether these sanctions are actually capable of achieving their main goal, which is forcing Iran to a come back to the dialogue table by breaking the backbone of this country’s, and exacerbating levels of popular discontent to force the Iranian regime stop its intransigence.

EPC| 02 Feb 2020


What will happen if Donald Trump is removed from office?

There are indications that the efforts to remove President Donald Trump from office are gaining ground, given the growing calls from within the American legislature that he be taken to court with that aim in mind. Assuming that this happens (although many observers doubt its likelihood), what will be the main repercussions for the American political system and for the existing balance of power in the United States of America? What impact will it have on Washington’s domestic and foreign policies? And are there any other scenarios, whether theoretical or realistic, that could occur in the event that it does happen?

Amir Nabil | 16 Dec 2019

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