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Did the Explosion in Beirut Port Postpone War between Israel and Hezbollah?

The recent explosions in Beirut port took place at the peak of the mobilization between Israel and Hezbollah against the backdrop of targeting one of Hezbollah’s leaders in Syria and Hezbollah’s threat to retaliate against his killing. Beirut’s horrific explosion has generated a new scene and created different facts in the Lebanese and regional arenas. They are likely to have repercussions on the conditions of the actors, especially Hezbollah which is driven to search for different paths in dealing with many of the issues it faces internally and externally, including the issue of escalation with Israel or the risk of opening a large-scale war front in the region.

EPC | 11 Aug 2020
Return of the Controversy over Control of the Lebanese-Syrian Border: Entanglements and Complexities

Debate has returned anew in Lebanon over the existence of serious and increasing international interest in controlling the border with Syria. There has been an increase in positions that shed light on the smuggling phenomenon through 161 corridors on Lebanon’s eastern border, constituting the largest waste outlet of the country’s economic resources.

Mohamad Kawas | 27 May 2020


Lebanon After the Beirut Port Explosion: International Action Paths and Future Political Options

The explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut on 4 August 2020 has caused a local shock in Lebanon and in all capitals of the world in a manner that resembles a "general international revolution" in how to approach the Lebanese file. It has also caused an internal political earthquake, from the violent movement of the Lebanese street that is opposed to the ruling class as a whole, to the resignation of Hassan Diab's government on 10 August 2020 and the putting forward for discussion of the various options and scenarios that await Lebanon in the coming days and weeks.

Mohamad Kawas | 11 Aug 2020


Decoding Hezbollah

The Lebanese Hezbollah experienced developments and transformations in recent years that would have ramifications on its trajectory and consequences on Lebanon and the region as a whole.

EPC | 16 Sep 2018

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