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  • EPC | 10 Jun 2013

    The Political Tribe: The Link between Arms, Extremism and Smuggling

    The tribe played, more or less, political roles all over the history of Yemen and its consecutive states. The tribe’s involvement continued, even increased, during the republican era and remains a political actor.

  • EPC | 05 Jun 2013

    Iran’s Influence in Yemen

    The year 2011 was a critical juncture in the track of modern political history of Arab World countries. A number of these countries have witnessed unprecedented public uprisings since Dec. 2010, which have not only called for reforms, transparency and the rule of law, but the changing of regimes as well.

  • EPC | 03 Jun 2013

    The Yemen Dialogue: Falling in the Geography Trap

    There is a syndrome that characterizes politics and its history in Yemen. It is an ailment, in which geography and politics exchange roles and express each other’s needs. Both were not able to disengage from each other.

  • EPC | 03 Jun 2013

    Yemen: The Lawlessness Phenomenon… Hesitant and Negative Stances

    Yemen is going through a state of near lawlessness. Manifestations of this lawlessness have increased to include closing roads and transport lines between governorates, raising checkpoints on roads, even in some cities,

  • EPC | 01 Jun 2013

    The Sectarian Discourse and Demonizing Opponents

    The assessment analyzes reasons behind the rising divisive religious and sectarian discourse, in face of political opponents in Egypt during May and June 2013, the danger of using this kind of

  • EPC | 01 Jun 2013

    After the Release of Soldiers: The Future of the Struggle between the State and the Jihadist Groups in Sinai

    The assessment deals with the crisis of kidnapping Egyptian soldiers, the way the state had handled this issue as well as its significance on the future of the security situation in Sinai.

  • EPC | 01 Jun 2013

    Employing Religion in Politics

    The assessment analyzes how the Muslim Brotherhood has used religion politically to consolidate its rule through the religious symbolism of the president’s movements and speeches

  • EPC | 01 Jun 2013

    Egypt: From the deep state to the outskirts of the failed state

    The estimate explains the crisis of the Egyptian state after the January revolution and during the "Brotherhood" rule, which foreign researchers described as a state