• Mohamad Kawas | 27 May 2020

    Return of the Controversy over Control of the Lebanese-Syrian Border: Entanglements and Complexities

    Debate has returned anew in Lebanon over the existence of serious and increasing international interest in controlling the border with Syria. There has been an increase in positions that shed light on the smuggling phenomenon through 161 corridors on Lebanon’s eastern border, constituting the largest waste outlet of the country’s economic resources.

  • Kamal Hamdan | 18 Mar 2020

    The Worsening Public Debt Crisis in Lebanon and How to Resolve It

    The debt crisis in Lebanon has reached unprecedented levels, pushing the Government to announce the suspension of foreign debt payments in what has been described as an “historical precedent”. This paper examines the nature of the crisis and the challenges faced, as well as possible solutions.

  • EPC | 04 Nov 2019

    Scenarios for the Formation of the Government in Lebanon Following Hariri’s Resignation

    On October 29, 2019, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri tendered his resignation to President Michel Aoun. While this has satisfied the first of the demands called for during the popular protests that have gripped parts of the country for 13 days, the contest to form a new government in one form or another is certain to dominate the Lebanese arena over the coming period.