Development of Egyptian-Saudi Relations: Significance and Possible Scenarios

EPC | 01 Mar 2015

Development of Egyptian-Saudi Relations: Significance and Possible Scenarios

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisis on Mar. 1, 2015 visited Saudi Arabia. Ties between Cairo are Riyadh are somewhat chilly due to differences on regional issues.

First, the paper tackles regional and international alliance of both countries and refers to international collective mechanisms on how to deal with some conflicts, then relations with super powers and stand of both countries on struggles in Mashreq, Yemen and Libya.

Second, the paper deals with the issue of Saudi assistance to Egypt, its nature and significance.

Third, the paper touches upon the Egyptian President’s suggestion to establish a joint Arab force and tries to put this issue in the context of el-Sisi’s general vision on Cairo’s regional role and restrictions facing this suggestion. Later, the paper points out reasons behind raising the controversial issue of reconciliation with MB, potential gains for el-Sisi if this reconciliation materializes and indications about the Egyptian leader’s readiness to accept such suggestion.

Finally, the paper reviews scenarios of the Egyptian-Saudi ties based on three criteria: relations between el-Sisi’s regime and MB, Saudi assistance to Cairo and relations between Egypt and Iran.

Based on these criteria, the paper presents possible scenarios for the development of Egyptian-Saudi ties.

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