Egyptian Moves towards the Syrian Crisis: Significance and Implications

EPC | 01 Mar 2015

Egyptian Moves towards the Syrian Crisis: Significance and Implications

Egypt looks at Syria as the basic center of gravity in Natural Syria (Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon), a pillar in the Arab regional order. Cairo also believes that Stability in Syria is key for the interest of the region. The Syrian revolution in Mar. 2011 coincided with the consolidation of the principle of humanitarian interference in Libya, the interference of many international parties in Syria and moving towards internationalization, on one hand, and militarization on the other. The traditional Egyptian vision towards the Syrian crisis rejects foreign interference and calls for a solution through the national and Arab framework.

In its first half, the paper focuses on the determinants of Cairo’s policy towards Syria which are divided into political, strategic and security determinants. All of these determinants make Egypt prefer a political solution and reject foreign intervention in the Syrian crisis.

The second part of the paper focuses on the significance and implications of Egypt’s efforts towards the Syrian crisis. The third part presents three potential scenarios for the evolvement of Cairo’s role towards the escalating events in Syria.

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