Strategic Report - Iran / Second Edition: The Iranian Situation in 2020

EPC | 11 Apr 2021

Strategic Report - Iran / Second Edition: The Iranian Situation in 2020

Iran Strategic Report is designed to provide an impartial and objective reading of the situation in Iran. The importance of this strategic report stems from the political, geographic and social importance of Iran and the impact of its ideological orientations and alliances on regional policies, security and stability in the Gulf region and broader Middle East. Particular importance is attached to the 2020 report given its contribution to the understanding of Iran’s question and drivers of Tehran’s behavior in this potentially decisive year in the life of the Iranian revolution amidst the preparations of the forthcoming presidential elections in June 2021, which will also be pivotal for reasons the reader will find out as she/he reads the report.

The economic factor at play will provide the best means of developing a sound appreciation of the broader Iranian situation in 2020 – whether from the US perspective as a means of leverage through sanctions, or from the Iranian standpoint as the most important focus of government and the subject of intense political conflict and debate. Hence, this year’s strategic report on Iran begins with a focused, comprehensive and balanced study of the economic situation in Iran during 2020. Then, the report examines the emerging economic trends that will likely characterize the Iranian economy in 2021 that can be used also to forecast the political orientations of the Iranian regime in 2021.

The report also reviews the most prominent developments in domestic politics and changes in the map of power distribution inside Iran during 2020. It also monitors various developments at the foreign policy level and provides a comprehensive assessment of Iran’s relations with the world during 2020. The final chapter of the report is dedicated to security and military developments, which are given more coverage in this edition owing to the relative number and significance of these events in 2020.

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