The Next Day in Yemen: Exploring Key Post-War Issues and Challenges

EPC | 23 Oct 2017

The Next Day in Yemen: Exploring Key Post-War Issues and Challenges

This paper seeks to explore the most important and prominent issues and challenges facing Yemen, both as a state and a society, in the period immediately following the end of current hostilities, and to draw a comprehensive picture of its complexities and opportunities. Without adopting such a holistic approach, the main actors will be incapable of building peace and restoring stability.

The paper focuses on five key inter-related challenges that are commonly cited by those studying post-conflict environments. Each challenge has been allocated a separate chapter, covering issues relating to comprehensive post-war physical and state reconstruction; the complexities of rebuilding the army and security services; the formulation of Yemeni foreign policy orientations that contribute to achieving a sustainable peace; and the challenge of transitional justice and the preservation of social cohesion in an environment known for its proclivity for conflict.

Given the complex and interrelated nature of post-war issues and challenges in Yemen, as in any similar conflict environment, this paper makes recommendations on each issue/challenge at the end of each chapter, addressed to both parties to the conflict, but also makes recommendations to all parties concerned with establishing stability and security in the country, including active international partners interested in the outcomes of the Yemeni situation.


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