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  • Amr Hashem Rabea | 20 Jan 2021

    Results of Egyptian Parliamentary Elections: Potential Impact on its performance and Future Relationship with Government

    The elected Egyptian Parliament held its first session on 12 January 2021, after several weeks were spent in selecting the Members of Parliament (MPs), which culminated in the appointment by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of 5 percent of the MPs. This paper sheds light on the extent of integrity of the Egyptian parliamentary elections, the significance of the results obtained by the political parties and trends, the new phenomena in those elections, and the impact of all this on the nature of Parliament’s relationship with the government in the future.

  • Amr Hashem Rabea | 06 Oct 2020

    Elections of Egyptian House of Representatives: Preparations and Expectations

    Nearly a week before the official announcement by the National Elections Authority (NEA) in Egypt of the results of the Senate elections on 16 September 2020, the NEA called on the electors to cast their votes in the elections for membership of the Egyptian House of Representatives (EHR), which has broad legislative and oversight powers and is the representative of the legislative authority in the country. One day after the results of the Senate elections were announced, that is, on 17 September 2020, the NEA announced the start of accepting candidacy applications for membership of the EHR. This paper discusses the ongoing preparations for holding those elections whose schedule was announced on 10 September 2020. It deals with the most prominent powers of the EHR, its electoral system, the general features of the electoral campaigns, chiefly what happened in the nomination process for the EHR seats, and the implications of the nominations for party life in Egypt. The last part of the paper is devoted to discussing the most prominent expectations concerning the work of the next EHR and the agendas it would undertake to achieve in its next legislative term.

  • Amr Hashem Rabea | 27 Sep 2020

    2020 Egyptian Senate Elections: Outcomes and Challenges to its Role in Politics

    Senate elections were held in Egypt during August and September 2020, and the results of those elections were announced in mid-September 2020. This paper sheds light on the return of the Senate to political life in Egypt and the controversy surrounding its importance, as well as the composition of this council, its electoral system, and the parties participating in its elections, including candidates, voters and the electoral administration. The paper also analyses the most prominent election results of the Senate and how it can enrich political life in Egypt in the near future.