• EPC | 15 Mar 2020

    The Resurgence of 'ISIS' in Syria: Is it Possible?

    Having seized control over Islamic State’s last strongholds in Al-Baghuz in the eastern Euphrates in March 2019, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the USA declared victory over Islamic State. Despite the US assassination of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of Islamic State, in late October 2019, new warnings have been issued regarding the possible return of Islamic State to Syria, given the chaos and conflict on Syrian soil between various national, regional, and international forces.

  • EPC | 12 Mar 2020

    The Russian-Turkish Agreement to Ceasefire in Idlib: Problems and Possibilities

    Russia and Turkey have reached a new agreement on the situation in Syrian Idlib in Moscow on 5 March 2020. Yet the items of the Agreement declared at the end of the talks entailed a number of question marks on its fate and applicability, particularly that the Agreement was meant to supplement the Sochi Agreement, which was signed on 17 September 2018 and which the parties failed to implement. That failure was the direct reason for the outbreak of the recent round of conflict.

  • EPC | 04 Mar 2020

    Prospects of the Escalating Russian-Turkish Conflict in Idlib

    The current conflict between Turkey and Russia in northern Syria has added an unprecedented layer of complexity to an already complicated conflict. The ferocity of the fighting and the losses incurred by all parties are signs that the crisis in Syria has reached a peak. The rules of engagement, and the rules of the game in general, need to be rewritten. Both Turkey and Russia are seeking to do this against the backdrop of tensions and pressure. The question is: will they succeed, or is the conflict likely to escalate further?

  • EPC | 01 Aug 2018

    Potential Scenarios for Control of the Eastern Euphrates Region

    As the fighting in southern Syria comes to an end, the Syrian regime and its allies appear to be shifting their attention to the region east of the Euphrates, which – together with Idlib –remains beyond the control of the Al-Assad regime.

  • EPC | 18 Jul 2018

    Negotiations between the Kurds and the Al-Assad Regime: Understandings and Potential Outcomes

    Recent reports indicate that meetings have taken place between Syrian Kurds represented by the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD), the political arm of the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD), and the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to define the shape of their future relationship.

  • EPC | 23 Apr 2018

    Can the US achieve a new balance in Syria?

    The recent US-led airstrikes against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad raise the prospect of bringing a new balance to the ongoing Syrian crisis that may form the basis for a meaningful peace process – albeit one that complicates the competition between regional and international powers involved in the crisis.