Middle East


  • EPC | 01 Sep 2014

    The Strategic Fallout for the Fall of Iraq

    The Islamic State (IS) took control of vast areas in Iraq without any significant resistance. This has raised many questions about the secret of the fall of the Iraqi army and the consequences of the

  • EPC | 01 Sep 2014

    Israel Develops its Strategy in Eastern Mediterranean

    Israeli think tanks, such as the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and the Institute for National Security Studies, reiterate the strategic importance of the maritime arena and its impact on Israel’s national security in a turbulent region, the impact of the declining US role in the region and the world on Israel and the new shifts in the region.

  • EPC | 01 Jun 2014

    The Israeli Perspective of the Turmoil in the Arab World

    Analyses by Israeli experts and officials on the situation of the Arab World have agreed that the old Middle East was shaken.