• EPC | 19 Aug 2020

    Why Does Turkey Fear the Emirati-Israeli Rapprochement?

    ​The Turkish positions condemning the recent rapprochement between the UAE and Israel and the conclusion of a peace treaty between the two countries came to reflect the reality of the Turkish positions on regional developments that began to surround Turkey from several aspects. Today, Turkey lives in a state of political alienation on more than one front. It has started to forge close ties with the forces of chaos and anarchy in the Middle East, its role in Iraq and Libya being a clear example of this.

  • Firas Elias | 30 Jun 2020

    The Turkish Military Operation in Northern Iraq: Goals and Dimensions

    The military operation carried out by Turkey in areas in northern Iraq since 15 June 2020 against bases of the Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) positioned there has once again shed light on the complicated security environment that has been characterizing the Iraqi-Turkish border for decades. Apparently, through this operation, Turkey seeks to make these areas part of the safe zone in northeastern Syria.

  • EPC | 07 Nov 2019

    From Stagnation to a Deepening Crisis: Troubles in the Turkish Economy in the Run up to 2020

    After taking power in 2002, the Justice and Development Party achieved economic growth through its policies of granting funding to the private sector to carry out mega-projects, pumping credit through commercial banks, and attracting foreign investment.

  • EPC | 23 Apr 2018

    Early Elections in Turkey: Causes and Potential Outcomes

    On April 18, 2018, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced that presidential and parliamentary elections would take place earlier than planned on June 24, 2018.

  • EPC | 20 Apr 2018

    Implications of the Turkish Stance on Western Military Strikes against Syria

    The military strikes conducted by US, French and British forces against targets in Syria on April 14, 2018 – launched in response to the Syrian government’s apparent use of chemical weapons in Douma, east of Damascus on April 7 – has exposed cracks in the Turkish–Russian–Iranian alliance and raised hopes of renewed coordination between Ankara and Washington.