Yemen's Political Groups and their Potential Roles in Peacemaking

EPC | 29 Aug 2018

The political role of traditional parties and groups in Yemen has diminished during the course of the ongoing conflict; some have splintered into separate groups and many have lost much of their structural and organizational capabilities. Meanwhile, new actors have risen to prominence such as Ansar Allah (the “Houthis”), the Southern Movement and others affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council (STC). Nonetheless, traditional parties and groups remain; they also still enjoy diverse sources of political and social power and, to varying degrees, retain the ability to influence public opinion toward peace or further conflict.

The divergent interests of these groups reduce the chances of a political settlement in the absence of adequate consideration of their concerns and objectives; any serious attempt to create opportunities for peace in Yemen must recognize the role of political parties as both pivotal actors in the war and potential partners in peacemaking.

This paper tackles positions of the major political groups in Yemen as well as their roles both in the current conflict and any current and future efforts to achieve peace. The paper also provides recommendations for all stakeholders to enhance their role in building and sustaining peace in Yemen.

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