Yemen: The Lawlessness Phenomenon… Hesitant and Negative Stances

EPC | 03 Jun 2013

Yemen is going through a state of near lawlessness. Manifestations of this lawlessness have increased to include closing roads and transport lines between governorates, raising checkpoints on roads, even in some cities, destroying towers electricity cables, bombing oil and gas pipelines and public activities of extremist groups. All of this was accompanied by an unprecedented wave of assassinations in the history of Yemen, which mainly targeted army, police and intelligence officers. Although some of those involved in some actions that disturb security reveal themselves and announce their demands, still, the motivation and source of other actions remain anonymous. But all of these actions have one thing in common: all can be employed by political and non-political parties in the country. This analysis tries to assess the stance of all influential actors in the scene, with a focus on how they exploit lawlessness and the escalating activities of sabotage.

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