What Makes any American-Iranian Nuclear Deal Acceptable to GCC Countries?

EPC | 01 Dec 2013

What would make an understanding acceptable by GCC states is for Iran to turn into an ordinary country that believes in creating its own influence within international norms, and not through the mentality of imperial sectarian expansion, combined with its geopolitical vision which erodes the very idea of the national state in the region. To that end, the Iranian regime must change the constitution of the country to be in line with the ongoing engagement with the international order and cancel the revolution/state duality. Iran must also provide complete and constant guarantees of transparency in its nuclear program, because any incomplete or interim transparency will keep this program a bargaining chip. It seems that if the US gets guarantees for world energy security and Israel’s security, it will take the security of Arab Gulf states for granted, which is a dangerous turn with negative geopolitical consequences on Arab Gulf states.

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