The Suez Canal Development Project between Technical Considerations and Political Calculations

EPC | 01 Aug 2014

This analysis deals with the debate about the Suez Canal development project. It provides a description for the most important milestones of the project and its role in transforming the region from a mere commercial passageway into a world industrial and logistic center to support the transportation and trade sectors. Then, the paper summarizes the most important technical and logistic criticism facing the project such as the hasty start, not announcing the feasibility study, fears about the inability to implement a number of huge projects simultaneously and the availability of alternative projects which deserve to start with. After that, the paper explains the political calculations that led the Egyptian leadership to start the project after less than two months of President al-Sisi’s taking office. Those calculations are the desire to reiterate the developmental role of the state, show the state’s standing and the ability of its institutions, notably the armed forces, to deliver and find a national project to unite Egyptians and overcome their current differences. The project also affirms worthiness of assistance from the Gulf and gain confidence of the world.

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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