The Relationship between the General Peoples’ Congress and the Houthis: Reality, Dimensions and Prospects

EPC | 22 May 2014

This analysis reviews the new conditions for the social and political status of the General Peoples’ Congress (GPC) imposed by the developments of the political situation in areas controlled by the Houthis and ways to earn and preserve it. Some of the GPC leaders and figures realized that they must adapt to the conditions and dictations of the new reality. It seems natural that some of the GPC’s political, media and tribal elites, as well as its grassroots, have rushed to the side of the Houthis at a time when the party is suffering from multiplicity at the leadership level. The GPC leader Ali Abdullah Saleh has lost some elements of power and attraction, which he derived from his position as the president of the country. However, to what extent this will apply to the whole party? And what are the prospects of the relationship between the GPC and Houthis? This is what the paper attempts to answer in view of the related developments.

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