The Raging Middle East is a Chance for Israel to Forge Alliances

EPC | 01 Oct 2014

Experts and politicians affirm that the Middle East is raging. They agree that it is not easy to cover all raging issues in the region now. Talking about a partial list of regional events will include the civil wars in Syria and Libya, the disintegration of Iraq, the rise of IS, the threat against stability in Egypt and Tunisia, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Iranian nuclear threat and the threat of al-Qaeda and its offshoots. Amidst this raging environment, we must not forget the Israeli-Palestinian struggle, fear from Hamas and a possible Palestinian uprising in the occupied territories. It is evident that the current turmoil in the Middle East has provided Israel with the proper chance to make change and push its initiatives forward. Benjamin Netanyahu himself acknowledges that what has changed is that some of the countries in the region no longer see Israel as an enemy; instead, a potential ally in the struggle against common threats in the region. Despite the importance of this acknowledgment, it must be accompanied by a proper policy.

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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