The Position of the Independent Youth in the Yemeni Political Formula

EPC | 16 May 2014

Until this moment, youth in Yemen with independent inclinations lack a political and a social framework to represent them, unite them and provide their activism the character of collective and institutional action. Meanwhile, the employment of the apparent independent character bestowed on some youth circles and the employment of the independent character enjoyed by other youth circles, is a general behavior shared by most parties, organizations and centers of power, which are strongly active in the political landscape. Independent Youth circles are usually exploited in the struggle between these forces. It seems that independent youth are not in a position that qualifies them to fully preserve their virtual arena. In view of the active multi-directional polarization process, this segment has been declining since day one of the protests of 2011, until now. Despite many weaknesses, the youth segment enjoys important points of strength, but one cannot refute the fact that independent youth are still lingering in a remote corner of the sidelines of the Yemeni political equation.

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