The Israeli Perspective of the Turmoil in the Arab World

EPC | 01 Jun 2014

Analyses by Israeli experts and officials on the situation of the Arab World have agreed that the old Middle East was shaken. Therefore, the result will be a mixture of the old and the new; thus, it is unlikely to provide Israel with assurances in terms of its higher interests. According to analyses by Israeli think tanks, the year 2013 has shown that Middle East crises are not a result of a clash of civilizations and the region is going through shifts that make all expectations and analyses in vain. The Israeli government and think tanks are highly interested in monitoring the indicators of constants and variables in the Middle East. There are differences among Israeli elites about evaluating these indicators and scenarios which might emerge in the region. The Israeli security elite says that the eruption of revolts and turmoil in the Arab World and their potential consequences oblige Israel to reshape its security doctrine and initiate essential changes in the structure and preparedness of the Israeli army. This calls for an increase in the security budget to meet the potential threats.

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