The Future of Middle East Struggles from an Israeli Perspective

EPC | 01 Oct 2014

There is a growing interest by Israeli analysts and experts to know the repercussions of the successive developments in the Middle East. They are worried about the likely negative scenarios which might occur in the region after all countries of the region have become safe havens for terrorist groups such as Syria and Iraq and the possibility of the spread of these conditions to neighboring countries. Israeli assessments affirm that the future of the Middle East, as a result of the ongoing events, will have deep impact not only at the regional level, but at the international level as well. This is particularly true in light of the redrawing of the map of the region in which Israel must have new, strong and strategic alliances that fit the size of changes in the Middle East. So, the paper deals with foresight by Israeli political and military leaders to the future of struggles in the Middle East.

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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