Social Forces in Contemporary Iran

EPC | 23 Apr 2020

Our neighbor, Iran, is currently experiencing significant social turmoil in the face of escalating economic challenges and political crises – largely manifested in the form of ongoing public protests.

Analysts in the Arab world are in the habit of reducing the causes of protests in Iran to external factors, while neglecting the inherent complexities of contemporary Iranian society and the national social fabric.

In keeping with the core objective of the Emirates Policy Center – to provide a deeper understanding of such phenomena and their causes – this study seeks to present a framework for strategic analyses of Iranian society and political behavior. It reveals key fractures that exist in that society, as well as the social, economic and religious trends that drive protests and the reasons behind their subsequent success or failure.

It also attempts to provide an insightful addition to our understanding of the political behavior of Iran, and finally to predict the course of social movements and protests in the Islamic Republic going forward.

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