Shifting to Federal Regions in Yemen: Expected Problems in the Regions (1-7)

EPC | 28 Apr 2014

Yemen is on the verge of shifting to a federal system, which will divide the country into 6 regions. This shift faces a number of challenges and problems while it creates another set of challenges and problems. These challenges or problems are divided into 3 major groups based on its source: • The political context in which this project was adopted. One of its problems is the lack of real political consensus and the absence of a healthy popular consensus, • The division and boundaries of these regions, • The practical implementation. It seems that these challenges and problems will have no impact on the state in the near future. However, this is not guaranteed either in the medium or long term period. For the state and its future to not be affected, this shift must be coupled with a shift towards the strong state. Without this, the future of this shift and the state will remain under the mercy of those challenges and problems. This paper represents the first step in an effort to dedicate a full paper to discuss the problems of each region.

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