Saudi Arabia and the Southern Yemen Issue: Clarity of Interests and Vagueness of Policy

EPC | 21 Jun 2013

The Saudi policy is based on the perspective of its national interests, which were designed by the royal family, notably, the security, safety and existence of al Saud, safeguarding the security and stability of the country, non-interference in its affairs, preserving the active role of Riyadh in the Arabian Gulf region and the Arabian Peninsula. Based on the previous general determinants, we can say that the content of the Saudi policy towards Yemen is represented in the following: • Safeguarding that Yemen does not pose a threat to Saudi Arabia and its ruling regime in any way, • Riyadh also does not want a weak Yemen to the extent that it becomes a hub for unwanted or hostile local or foreign forces. On one hand, there is a clear Saudi tendency to support the territorial integrity of Yemen, which does not contradict with the US and Western desire for the stability and unity of this country, as well as those countries’ roles in rearranging Yemen’s conditions as part of the ongoing political transition process. This process represents the fruit of the GCC initiative in which Riyadh was actively involved in its design, until it was signed recently in Riyadh in the presence and blessings of the Saudi monarch.

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