Qatar’s Unilateral Policies: Assessment of the Political Risks of Doha’s Ambitions

EPC | 28 Sep 2017

Emirates Policy Center (EPC) organized on Sep. 25, 2017 a workshop entitled “Qatar’s Unilateral Policies: Political Risk Assessment of Doha’s Ambitions”. The event was attended by a number of Emirati, Gulf and Arab officials and experts, as well as, representatives of foreign embassies in the UAE to shed light on the crisis with Qatar and discuss the consequences associated with Doha’s unilateral policies, its role dilemma and illusion of power on the region in general and on the GCC in particular.

To this end, the workshop focused on four major themes: the first one dealt with the UAE perspective on boycotting Qatar; the second theme tackled regional and international contexts of the relationship between Qatar, GCC Countries and Egypt; the third one touched upon options for both sides of the crisis; the last theme attempted to foresee scenarios of the crisis and consequences of each scenario.

This paper presents key conclusions, forecasts and scenarios from the workshop’s sessions and discussions.

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