One Movement, Three Scenarios: The Potential Future Tracks for the Houthi Movement in Yemen

EPC | 11 May 2014

The recent developments in Yemen showed the tendency of the Houthi movement, which practically is in control of the northern Sa’dah governorate, to shift into a new movement phase. The growth of the Houthis as an armed militant phenomena, is raising concern among several parties, especially after moving in its use of arms as a tool for defense to a tool for expansion benefiting from the state’s preoccupation with its transitional situation and the deep political and economic challenges it faces. All of this raises a question about the Houthis motivations behind continuing its military expansion, the reality of its project and the project’s objectives and where might this project reach, amidst this clear oscillation between the military approach and civil incorporation in view of the facts of the surrounding environment, positions of the rest of local, regional and international forces. This assessment presents and discusses in detail, three future scenarios facing the Houthi movement now.

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