Limits of the Presidential Team’s Role in al-Sisi’s Era

EPC | 01 Sep 2014

The analysis raises questions about reasons behind the delay of President al-Sisi’s announcement of his presidential team and the disappearance of most aides, who have worked in the president’s campaign, from the scene. The analysis makes a comparison with the experience of former presidents, especially Mohammad Morsi and Adly Mansour. The paper points out that this experience has left a negative impact on al-Sisi because it causes tension between the presidency and the government, losing control over decision-making, internal competition among advisors, abuse of authority, lack of professionalism, while most advisors in Morsi’s era had jumped ship. The paper analyzes the establishment and jurisdiction of Egypt’s Consultative Council of Scholars and Experts, reiterating the consultative and voluntary nature of the Council. The paper also points out to the likelihood of some tracks that could be taken by President al-Sisi.

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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