Israeli Think Tanks’ Assessments of Arab Gulf States’ Military Capabilities and Map of Balances in Light of a Shifting Strategic

EPC | 01 Dec 2014

Currently, there is an unprecedented arms race by countries in the Arabian Gulf, mainly motivated by Iran’s nuclear project and Arab Gulf States might turn into frontline states in any future war with Iran. These countries have found themselves obliged to improve their traditional military capabilities, which have improved tangibly in areas such as defense capabilities and carrying out exercises to stage an attack as far as Iranian territories. Furthermore, Arab Gulf States are a major part in the Israeli security doctrine because they form the third layer in the security theory of the Israeli security and strategic concept behind the Palestinian territories and Arab frontline states. Tel Aviv views common concerns by Arab Gulf States towards the Iranian threat as something that might lead to an undeclared alliance in light of the common interests, according to the expert on Gulf and Arab affairs Zvi Bar’el. Israeli think tanks reiterate that the strategic significance of Arab Gulf States led to a growing international interest in their security after the eruption of the Islamic revolution in Iran, a series of crises in energy supplies, regional wars, foreign interference in the region, the growing activities of opposition and terrorist groups and disputes among countries of the region. All of these reasons led to constant chaos and called on GCC states to be well prepared for any future scenarios. Source: The Institute for National Security Studies and Israeli Think Tanks

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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