Iran’s Interpretation of the Recent Developments in Egypt

EPC | 01 Jun 2013

Analysis of the interpretation of the ruling coalition, which gives more weight to the scenario of instability in Egypt, shows that this interpretation is based on an Iranian vision towards Egypt, which achieves several objectives for Tehran, notably: 1- The state of instability will take Egypt out of the regional equation; 2- This scenario consolidates the retreat of the “Moslem Brotherhood Islam”, affects Turkey’s influence in the region and takes Iran back to prominence; Iran was able to consolidate itself as a reference to Shiites in the world, while neither the “Moslem Brotherhood” nor Turkey were able to consolidate themselves as a reference to Sunnis; 3- The ruling coalition bets that the “Moslem Brotherhood” and “al Qaedah” will insist on resisting the move made by the Egyptian military establishment, which “wants to reinstate the former Egyptian regime and exclude Islamists from politics”.

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