Iran’s Influence in Yemen

EPC | 05 Jun 2013

The year 2011 was a critical juncture in the track of modern political history of Arab World countries. A number of these countries have witnessed unprecedented public uprisings since Dec. 2010, which have not only called for reforms, transparency and the rule of law, but the changing of regimes as well. The role of Qatar and Turkey is evident in the planning, financing and sponsorship of these events to implement Washington’s objectives, which is trying to eliminate any competing roles in the region, even from other Western countries, to prepare the regional arena to act as one of the American tools in the upcoming international competition with the East. But the recent course of events has changed the regional balance of power and alliances and led to unexpected results. These events have unexpectedly benefited Tehran a lot and allowed Iran to expand and gain new and unprecedented positions of influence, which poses a threat to Arab national security, especially Gulf national security.

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