Iran’s Agenda in “Geneva II” and Limits in Dealing with it

EPC | 01 Jan 2014

Iran did not attend “Geneva II” and it apparently seems as a success for the “Friends of Syria” group and the “Syrian National Coalition”. But political and field indications and realities force the fact that the Iranian agenda was present in “Geneva II” even if the Iranian delegation was not there. It can be said that there is no political solution for the Syrian crisis without Iran’s consent. In addition, Iran’s influence in Syria cannot be stopped through political means and the only way to do this is through a decisive military victory in the field, which is unlikely and inconsistent with the interest and will of major world powers. This highlights the importance of the accurate evaluation of Iran’s position and limits to deal with it, especially in the wake of the accelerating escalation by Iran against Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and the relation of this escalation to regional understandings, which have started to surface. Therefore, precaution must be exercised towards Washington’s attempts to show that Iran’s absence from “Geneva II” was an American bias to its allies in the region, especially Arab Gulf states because they will be later asked to cover up Washington’s intentional procrastination to solve the Syrian crisis.

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