Iran and the Biden Administration: A Potential Return to Negotiations

Dr. Ebtesam Al Ketbi | 24 Feb 2021

Over the past four decades, the issue of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States have dominated the Iranian political arena. Such is the extent of this preoccupation with America, that some argue it is more influential than all other objective and subjective factors in the politics and economics of the region.

There is consensus in the region and around the world that President Joe Biden's administration will seek to restore US policy in the Middle East to its traditional trajectory, creating alliances and establishing a new security infrastructure in this traditionally unstable region. President Biden has affirmed his desire to move away from the highly criticized ‘trade-off’ approach adopted by Donald Trump. However, it is widely believed that the US administration will not seek to immediately overturn all of Trump's policies in the Middle East, but rather to gradually reshape them over time.

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