Egypt’s Ruling System and the Crisis Resulting from Ethiopia’s Decision to Divert the Flow of the Blue Nile

EPC | 01 Jun 2013

The assessment analyzes the way in which Cairo managed the crisis as a result of Ethiopia’s decision to divert the flow of the Blue Nile, which is the major tributary of the Nile river that supplies Egypt with nearly 85% of its water resources. This step by Addis Ababa comes as part of a project to build the Renaissance Dam. The assessment points out that it seems that Egypt was caught off-guard by Addis Ababa’s decision and tried to downplay the consequences of this decision by introducing haphazard solutions in a way that revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime had underestimated public opinion, the weak abilities of the ruling elite, and the declining regional role of Egypt in Africa. The paper pointed out the possibility of a repetition of such crises, especially in light of the weak capabilities of institutions for monitoring and strategic analyses under the ruling elite of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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