Egypt: Current Reality and Foreseeing Future Transitions

EPC | 10 May 2015

Since the revolution of Jan. 25, 2011, Egypt has been suffering from an unprecedented political turmoil in its modern history. Egypt’s political system is currently at a pivotal juncture and faces three major challenges: a decline in the political system’s competence to respond to structural challenges facing the Egyptian state and society; the degradation of the system’s foundations of legitimacy and its vague identity and political orientation and the growing regional and international fluidity.
This paper aims to deconstruct the current political, economic and social reality in Egypt in order to define the elements of the crisis faced by the process of public policy making in the country. To this end, the paper will focus on three major themes: 
First, the outcomes of the rapid process of political change in Egypt since the revolutionary movement of Jan. 25, 2011, 
Second, discuss elements of the economic crisis in the country and conditions to overcome this crisis,
Third, deal with the orientations of Egypt’s foreign policy and limitations of the role Cairo can play in various regional circles under the current conditions, with a focus on the dynamics of its relations with GCC countries

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