Diplomatic Entanglement on the Syrian Crisis and its Impact on the Region’s Future

EPC | 01 Sep 2013

The most important results of this entanglement can be summarized as follows: 1- Members of “The Cooperation Council of Arab States of the Gulf” (GCC) will not be able to ensure a strong position for themselves in any regional system, which will materialize in the next stage in light of the internal divisions among these countries on regional issues, 2- The absence of a collective initiative by GCC countries on regional crises indicates that these countries will not be an independent force or play strong decisive part in the process of reshaping the region; instead, it has to follow one of the visions or a partner in one of the competing projects in the region, 3- The use of chemical weapons in Syria overshadowed the Iranian nuclear issue; therefore, President Hasan Rouhani assigned two teams of consultants on the nuclear issue, one official and one non-official teams, to pave the way for negotiations on two tracks, overt and covert tracks.

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