Counting on Time: Evaluation of the Results of the Fourth Round of Talks on the Renaissance Dam

EPC | 01 Sep 2014

The paper analyzes and evaluates the results of the fourth round of the trilateral committee’s meetings regarding the Renaissance Dam, which took place on Aug. 25-26, 2014. The paper touches upon the positive developments in the Egyptian-Ethiopian ties which had an impact on the negotiations’ environment and results. The paper also analyzes the results of this round of talks such as an agreement to conduct some necessary technical studies through an international consultative firm, establish a committee of four experts from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to carry out this job no later than March 2015. The paper points out to fears by Egyptian experts that Addis Ababa is wasting time intentionally, the vague role of the consultative firm and whether its findings are binding or not? The paper concludes that there are four possible tracks in the future: the continuation of the talks, improving ties with Ethiopia, enacting collective work in the framework of the Nile Basin countries, escalation if talks fail and rationalization of water usage and look for new resources.

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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