Consequences of the Failure of the Muslim Youth Uprising on the Map of Islamist Parties and Stand on Terrorism

EPC | 01 Dec 2014

The Muslim Youth Uprising on Friday, Nov. 28, 2014 was quiet like any other Friday after the sit-in in Rabiaa al-Adawiya Square was dispersed on Aug. 13, 2013. The revolution planned by the Salafist Front have not materialized. The uprising failed to mobilize masses on the streets and large squares were all quiet or under control of the security forces. Some squares even witnessed protests in support of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the army and the police. Media outlets of the Salafist Front said that other traditional Islamist factions have let them down. This failure shows a decline in the Islamist opposition movement by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the radical wing of the Salafist groups and to a deep rift among the Salafist wings. Furthermore, this failure indicates shifts on Egypt’s political landscape and the relative weight of Islamist factions that supported the Muslim Youth Uprising. This paper is divided into the following three themes: 1. The impact of the failure of the Muslim Youth Uprising called for by the Salafist Front supported by the MB and the National Alliance Supporting Legitimacy on the Islamist factions’ landscape and the relative weights of its components, especially, the extent of rifts in the ranks of the various wings of the Salafist movement. Al-Nour Party was against the call for uprising on Friday, Nov. 28. 2. Examine the impact of the politicization of the Salafist movement by moving from the call field into politics on disintegrating its ideological discourse and adding pragmatic features to it. This pragmatism, however, did not include comprehensive intellectual revisions, manifestations and reasons behind this decline of the radical faction in the Salafist movement, moving into adventurous slogans unjustified by calculations of reason or balance of power and why did this discourse fail to attract civic movements. 3. A foresight on future scenarios regarding the Salafist Front and the National Alliance Supporting Legitimacy.

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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