After ISIL: Shifts and Tracks of Armed Violence in Egypt

EPC | 01 Aug 2014

This paper deals with shifts, which violent groups in Egypt are going through in light of revelations for the first time about armed brigades affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and other movements intellectually influenced by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the announcement about a number of Egyptian youths joining ISIL. The paper monitors these shifts on the forms and means of violence, which include the provision of the intellectual and juristic justifications for practicing violence by the Brotherhood’s youths, the continuation of violent groups to use terrorism in a wide geographic area, including new governorates, the expansion of methods and objectives, including blocking public roads, burning and blowing up electricity plants, burning train coaches, public transit means, railway lines and mobile networks’ towers. The paper points out that these shifts in practices were accompanied by a change in the organizational forms of these groups. The paper concludes by presenting the possible tracks for violence at the short and medium terms.

Image Source: Reuters Pictures

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