After Breaking up Sit-ins at Rabiaa al Adawiyah and al Nahdah: The State Scenarios for dealing with the Brotherhood

EPC | 01 Aug 2013

The analysis outlines the following two scenarios for the Egyptian state’s attitude towards the Muslim Brotherhood after breaking up the sit in at Rabiaa al Adawiyyah square: • A total confrontation until the end (zero-sum game) and a bone-breaking battle over many years, • A calculated confrontation, stopping at the middle of the road and a step- by-step situation, until the Muslim Brotherhood is forced to accept terms. The analyses points out that it is possible with the first scenario that the future roadmap will be postponed and the crisis will lead to a change in Egypt’s Arab alliances. The second scenario carries a chance for the Muslim Brotherhood to remain as an Islamist advocacy group or reintegrate it politically, but with a new leadership.

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