A Visit by the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament to Tehran: A Look at Motives behind Rapprochement between the Two Countries

EPC | 01 Sep 2013

Motives for rapprochement by Iran and Turkey at this stage: 1- If a settlement is reached in Syria, the hardline groups will become an extra load which must be disposed of or weaken their presence there. Iraq, Iran and Turkey are afraid that these groups will relocate into their territories; 2- The losses suffered by both countries after the “Arab Spring” led to an increasing desire to look for an exit that reduces escalation and mutual attrition; 3- Iran wants to preempt the political settlement in Syria to reorganize its priorities in the region with a regional power like Turkey; 4- Both countries have bargaining chips against each other; in other words, both countries are pursuing the policy of “mutual deterrence”, which is a strong motive for both to control the limits of using these chips.

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