A look at President Hasan Rouhani Presidential and Cabinet Teams

EPC | 01 Aug 2013

The paper concluded the following features of Rouhani’s presidential and cabinet teams: 1- There is a number of graduates from Western universities, which means that they have an open mind towards Western knowledge and gains, and the ability to achieve Iranian goals; 2- Some figures enjoy strong ties with American academic and political elites, while Rouhani himself enjoys strong ties with European diplomats; thus facilitating the government’s job of opening indirect channels with the US; 3- 60% of Rouhani’s teams used to work for the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the military, the ministry of intelligence and security or posts related to them, as well as the “Supreme National Security Council”, which ensured the Rouhani government acceptance by the ruling coalition; thus, the success of the government’s program by a significant proportion.

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