Abu Dhabi, Feb. 17, 2020 – A delegation of 30 researchers and experts from Crown Center for Middle East Studies (CCMES) at Brandeis University on Monday visited the Emirates Policy Center (EPC).

The delegation, headed by Professor Gary Samore, Senior Executive Director of CCMES, was briefed on EPC’s areas of interest, activities and various programs.

Then, researchers from both think tanks held a roundtable discussion on key regional issues and developments.

EPC researchers presented assessments of the trajectories of situations in a number of regional countries such as Iran, Turkey and Yemen, as well as, developments of the Qatari crisis.

CCMES researchers presented their view on the Trump Administration’s policies and approaches towards the region, as well as, their vision of the trajectories of the situation in Iraq in the wake of General Qasem Soleimani’s killing, and their assessment of the “Deal of the Century” promoted by the US Administration as a practical and lasting solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 

The American researchers commended the status achieved by EPC as a leading think tank in the region and its key role in developing in-depth approaches to regional issues and problems.

The delegation expressed admiration for EPC’s work and outcomes that benefit politicians, researchers and those interested in understanding the region and its various issues.


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