His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Cabinet Member and Minister of Tolerance said, the United Arab Emirates is utterly keen on the approach of peaceful coexistence in its relations with all of the countries in the world.

In a speech his excellency gave during the welcoming dinner of the fourth Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate (ADSD), organized annually by Emirates Policy Center, he said that UAE leadership is committed to its role of achieving development, peace and prosperity in the region and the world, and extends its hand to everyone sharing their vision.

Soft Power in the UAE, which will be one of the main panels on the agenda of the first day of the fourth Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate, was one of the pillars of Sheikh Nahyan’s speech. His excellency stressed that ADSD is the crystallization of the concept of Soft Power in the UAE, which is derived from its values, culture and position in the world.

His Excellency also stressed the need to understand the changing relationships between countries, and the military and political alliances between them. He also invited the participants of the fourth Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate to combat ignorance of others, and rid the world of the stereotypical perceptions about them.

EPC holds its fourth “Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate”, one of the most important of its kind in the region, where important decision makers in international politics and business will take part in discussions of a variety of topics, some of the most prominent being: the security of the Gulf, Iran’s threat to the region, Soft Power in the UAE, as well as political Islam issues, extremism and terrorism, and the crisis in Qatar.

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