Abu Dhabi, Jan. 13, 2021 – As of January 2021, EPC Academy plans to launch a number of online training courses. The basic and advanced courses will cover the fields of policy analysis, data gathering and analysis, and building strategies, scenarios, and media policies.

Courses offered now include Skills of Analyzing Discourse of Political Islam, Basic and Advanced Skills in Policy Analysis, Analysis of Terrorist Group’s Discourse on Social Media, Modern Methodologies in Building Strategic Scenarios, and Modern Techniques in Crises Analysis and Strategic Crisis Management. At the end of the course, each participant receives a training certificate approved and ratified by the Emirates Policy Center.

EPC academy is considered to be the first training academy of its kind in the region that offers training programs in these specialized fields. The academy adopts up-to-date scientific methodologies in the delivery of courses which are based on accurate analysis of the training needs of participants in these training programs and their agencies. The academy recruits a select of experienced and highly-qualified training staff and policy analysts, as well as, distinguished academic researchers from all over the world to implement training programs. 

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