American Delegation Visits EPC

EPC | 13 Jan 2016

Abu Dhabi, Jan. 13, 2016 – An American delegation, which includes scholars and politicians from various US institutions, as well as representatives of local councils from several American states, visited Emirates Policy Center on Wednesday and met with EPC President Dr. Ebtesam al-Ketbi.

Dr. al-Ketbi briefed the delegation on the Center’s objectives, work mechanisms and achievements. The two sides also discussed current developments and regional and international issues of interest to the United Arab Emirates that help to cement the US-UAE strategic relationship.

The American delegation praised the UAE’s experience and unique model of development and moderation, which sets an example for the Arab and Muslim worlds.

The delegation also lauded EPC as one of the most important think tanks in the Arab World and the region by drafting policies and providing solutions for regional and international political problems.

The delegation extended an invitation to Dr. al-Ketbi to visit think tanks and decision-making circles in the US to benefit from their experience and deepen research and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

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