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Signs of Renewed Tension in Dara’a Governorate in Syria: Dynamics and Prospects

The Syrian Daraa province is experiencing escalating tension amidst a fragile security situation and a multiplicity of actors with conflicting goals and policies. While the province is subject to a settlement deal based on a Russian guarantorship, a US understanding and regional support, the security situation in the province is prone to explosion.

EPC | 17 May 2020
Will Israel succeed in “Driving Iran Out” of Syria?

Israel’s recent intensified airstrikes against Iranian targets in Syria come within the context of a new strategy that is based on “driving Iran for good” out of Syria, which was disclosed by Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett. To what extent can Israel achieve its new targets in Syria, and will its strategy be successful in driving Iran out of Syria?

EPC | 02 May 2020

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Al-Assad-Makhlouf Dispute: Background and Dimensions

The current dispute between the president of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad and Syria’s top businessman Rami Makhlouf constitutes a new variable in the policy of the Syrian regime and its way of dealing with the problems that erupt within the narrow circle of decision making. While Rami Makhlouf is not a political figure and has no specific position within the Syrian power hierarchy, it is no secret that in addition to being a relative of Assad, he represents a strong economic centre that owes its status to the significant role played by the regime policy. This makes him organically linked to the Syrian ruling system. This is evidenced by the fact that Rami Makhlouf benefitted a lot from the economic transformation that occurred in Syria under Assad the son’s presidency, that is the shift from planned to market economy which required the issuance of hundreds of presidential decrees to rehabilitate the legal and political structure accordingly. This paper sheds light on the background of the dispute between the two men and Russia’s position thereon in its capacity as the most influential player in Syrian policies.

EPC| 18 May 2020
Russia’s Media Campaign against Al-Assad Regime: Causes and Consequences

The recent attack by Russian media outlets close to the Kremlin against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has raised questions about whether it was reflecting the inclination of the Russian decision maker. It constitutes an introduction to shifts in his attitude towards the Syrian leadership and reflects, therefore, on developments of the Syrian crisis in light of the crises experienced on the international scene (the COVID-19 epidemic and the fall in oil prices) which threaten serious implications for the global economy that would also extend to the Russian economy.

EPC| 30 Apr 2020

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