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Risks of Islamic State Expansion in South Africa

South Africa faces the threat of the expansion of Daesh (Islamic State, IS) organisation after the escalation of its attacks in neighbouring Mozambique. The organisation has threatened South Africa to open a front therein in case South Africa engages militarily against the organisation, especially after South Africa sent special forces to support efforts to combat terrorism in Mozambique. This raises many questions about Daesh's incentives for expansion in South Africa, the risks of this expansion, and the possible scenarios to combat it.

Hamdi Bashir | 01 Sep 2020
Rising Threat of the Islamic State in Africa: Reasons, Risks and Possibilities

The African continent has witnessed a growth in the threat posed by the Islamic State (IS) since the beginning of 2020. Organizations that pledge allegiance to the IS have intensified their direct attacks and confrontations with the counter-terrorism forces in the west and south of the continent. This raises many questions about the factors and causes of this growing threat, its risks and future possibilities.

​Hamdi Bashir | 09 Aug 2020

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The Future of the African Continent in Light of Covid-19 Crisis

The large-scale spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa raises numerous concerns about the extent of readiness of its countries in countering the epidemic and the nature and magnitude of the losses they sustain. These concerns get even worse in view of the challenges faced by the continent on all fronts, particularly with regard to the continent’s poor health system and the possible consequences of failure to counter the pandemic. This maximizes the continent’s political, economic, security and social costs in a manner that would adversely reflect on the future of the African continent and its relationship with the outside world going forward.

Ahmad Askar| 11 May 2020

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